12 birds with human arms

The Human-Bird Hybrid the Internet Can’t Get Over

07 May 2015 By Candice Pendergast Comments



2. Hormone-free chicken?

Hormone-free chicken

3. The best a bird can get.

Bird shaving

4. Herb Albatross and Tijuana Trio

Bird band

5. The Feather-Weight Championship was about to reach new heights

Fighting birds

6. Not a morning person.

Coffee bird

7. Meanwhile in Australia

Crocodile kookaburra

8. I’ll have fries with that.

McDonalds Bird

9. Swan Lake

dancing chicken

10. “Do you feel lucky, punk?!”

Owl with bat

11. My how the tables have turned…

Bird watching

12. The next Olympics won’t know what hit them!

Swimming penguin

07 May 2015 By Candice Pendergast Comments

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